Six Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job…


1. You wake up, every morning, feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day…


2. …after repeatedly, and vividly, dreaming about seriously injuring your boss or one of your annoying colleagues…


3. A little, tourettes-style voice inside your head shouts “BULLSHIT!!” every time your boss opens his or her mouth…


4. You’d rather spend 5 days a week inside an isolation room at a psychiatric hospital – at least then people would  stop bothering you…


5. More than 80% of your Twitter feed or Facebook Timeline is you counting down how many miserable hours, minutes and seconds there are left before the weekend…

thank crunchie its friday



Working out what I really want… Part 2

In a follow-up to Part 1 (genius), here is the continuation of how I would spend my year of total freedom:

7. Clinch a deal in NYC
I’m not entirely sure why this one is on my list but, I promised the unedited version of exactly what came into my head, so, I would ‘clinch a deal’ in New York City. Not any old deal, a big deal, one that would pay handsomely and one which I am hugely passionate about. Of course, I’d pull the whole thing off in a sharp designer suit and patent black Christian Louboutin’s : it goes with the territory!


8. Share my Knowledge
I would share my experience of good clean living and pass on my humble knowledge of nutrition. I would share this knowledge with those it would make a real difference to; everyday people not aware of the profound effect basic changes to diet and lifestyle could have on their health and well-being. I would offer an alternative perspective as my ideas are a little left field, taking inspiration from the paleolithic lifestyle but, more importantly, based on what works for the individual.

9. Creating a Career
I would carry on writing Creating a Career: telling my story to see where it takes me, then maybe go on to develop it as a source of information for people embarking on a similar path – what I don’t know about job interviews isn’t worth knowing! I could share my tips about CV writing and how to creatively craft one to disguise poor educational achievements or a ‘varied’ career history.

Or, I could go right ahead and turn it in to ‘The Church of Screw Work Let’s Play’.

Suggestions on a postcard, if you will, to my New York address.

10. Volunteer
I would devote some time to volunteering, for a cause that enables me to make a difference.

11. Organic Food
I would get involved with local, organic food. I’m not sure whether that would be growing it, producing it, cooking with it, promoting it, writing about it or campaigning for wider availability and better prices. Who knows, as with most things on my list, it requires more investigation.

Greenbrae’s Rare Breed Pigs

12. Brand Me
I would create ‘Brand Me’, using my newly purchased domain, to communicate my unique talents, values and passions to companies and individuals I may wish to work with in the future.

I expect the content to come together naturally as I work through this process. However, I have considered recreating this flyer, ingeniously created by my Dad in the 1980’s, for the digital generation? Especially relevant considering it’s mostly sandwich recipes that come up if you Google ‘Francesca Roll’.

As a final note, I could go on forever writing this list but, I think that lot should keep me busy for the next 12 months in addition to, generally doing more of what I’m good at, doing what I love and loving what I do. For me, that means: multiple projects, dealing in ideas, creative writing & copywriting, working with other creative people, creating brands, problem solving, flipping everything on its head, supporting others to realise their ideas and dreams and, last but not least, not letting the grass grow under my feet.