Working out what I really want… Part 1

The first stage of getting paid for doing what you love is, of course, working out what you love…

One of the first exercises, in the Screw Work Let’s Play book, suggests imagining you’ve been given 12 months off work, with all the money you need, to do exactly as you wish. How would you spend a year of total freedom?

I think the key to this task is not to think too much about jobs and careers. Just try to catch exactly what your heart desires before your inner-voice steps in and starts shouting things like “that’s ridiculous” or “how is doing that ever going to translate into actually paying the mortgage?!”.

Scribble your little heart out… Notice how you feel. Do any of your ideas scare you?

Anyway, back to me. I have to admit that the perfectionist in me feels compelled to produce a finely executed list of everything I want and everything I love doing but, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, I’m going to break from the old routine and in an out of character experiment chuck everything out there and refine later.

Here is the raw, unedited version of how I would spend my hypothetical year off (Part 1):

1. Italy
I would travel to Italy; take cookery classes in Sicily, sample the finest organic olive oil – maybe even try my hand at making it or stomping grapes to create an award winning red wine.

I would drink good coffee and visit local food markets & delicatessens whilst taking in some of the grand architecture and historic monuments.

2. China
I would visit China and spend some quiet, reflective time up in the misty Huangshan Mountains amongst the pine trees.

3. India
I would experience the colour and vibrancy of India, embracing my spiritual side and learning how to practice Yoga.

I would take photographs, write about my experiences and sample freshly grown Coriander before it even gets within sniffing distance of a supermarket packet.

4. Whale Watching
I would go whale watching. Seeing these animals in the wild, in their natural habitat, must be a life affirming experience! It’s a wonderful world…

5. Chase the Aurora Borealis
I would chase the Northern Lights in Iceland. This one needs little explanation but I’d experience everything Iceland has to offer while I’m there too…

6. Glamping
I would go Glamping and have some good old fashioned fun with my nieces and nephews, exploring the countryside and cooking on an open fire…

To be continued…