30 Day Play Project

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Following more good advice from John Williams and Selina Barker, in Ignition, I’ve done as they suggest and started a play project…

What is a play project?

Well, I am committing myself to 30 days of, basically, playing at something I enjoy doing and I’ve decided that, for me, playing will involve starting a blog/ web site dedicated to good, clean, healthy living: a subject I’m very passionate about.

I’m sharing it here now, in its very early stages, so I can chart my progress over the 30 days.

Throughout the project I will, mostly, be playing around with writing, research and food photography: all activities which I’m drawn to…

So, without further a do, here it is:

this blog

Read more about Play Projects here.

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New Day, New Page…

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I was, going to write a simple post on how I’d finally managed to select a suitable ‘Playbook’ to use for Ignition but, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, ‘I got to thinking’ …about the symbolism of a blank page when approaching the subject of career change, then this famous quote popped into my head:

‘At any given moment you have the power to say:

This is NOT how the story is

going to end…’

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Blank canvas! #ignition #playbook #SWLP

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I’m very grateful that I possess a deep, eternal optimism which enables me to truly believe and subscribe to the ‘Screw Work Let’s Play’ philosophy. Some may say I have the odds stacked against me:

  • I don’t have a degree and my highest level of qualification is an HEFC Diploma (3 A Levels).
  • I’m over 30.
  • I have a chequered career history with lots of changes in direction, compounded by an 18 month gap whilst undergoing surgery and recovering from an accident.
  • I can’t sing or dance…

Luckily, I don’t agree and refuse to accept an average work-life or any kind of life for that matter. When I consider my options I still see a blank canvas. My only problem, at this stage, is I can’t quite visualise the finished picture.

That’s where my new Playbook comes in. One of the first steps, John William’s recommends, in Ignition and the original book is to get a Playbook: to record all of your thoughts and ideas as you work through the programme. Intended to bring you closer to doing what you love by capturing everything that pops into your head from notes on things you enjoy doing, right through to that multi-million pound idea which comes to you in the middle of the weekly supermarket shop!

So, here it is.

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I must admit, I experienced some difficulty in choosing my Playbook as John suggests buying a book you really love and enjoy writing in. I like this book but I don’t love it. However, in the name of progress (I have been searching for a book since I first read Screw Work Let’s Play, over 6 months ago!), I have acknowledged this about myself and put it down to the ‘seeker‘ archetype being dominant in my personality – believing there is always something more or something better out there – and I’ve compromised on a book which I am growing to love 🙂 …and herein starts the next chapter!


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I’m not getting paid for this, I’m just playing…

I just wanted to point out that, although I have been waxing lyrical about John William’s and his book Screw Work Let’s Play, I am in no way connected to them and am not getting paid to write this blog. I’m simply ‘playing’ and teaching myself ‘how to write a blog’ while I’m at it.

I think the idea is, once I finally manage to work out how to operate my Amazon Associates account, that should anybody wish to click-through and purchase John’s book, after reading my review, then I will be rewarded with a few pennies for helping to expedite that process. However, unless millions of people around the world suddenly decide that they like my slightly cynical tone of voice (my mother doesn’t) then I am unlikely to be up there hob-nobbing with Bill Gates any time soon.

Should anybody wish to pay me, to do just about anything, please forward your enquiry to francescajroll@gmail.com. Thank you, please.

The New Testament…

Considering it was John William’s book Screw Work Let’s Play that inspired me to start this blog it would seem fitting to start with a review of his fantastic book. However, as I haven’t worked through the exercises it is likely to be more of a synopsis, with a more complete review to follow later.

After toying with the idea of writing a blog, just one of the many ideas I thought may lead me to becoming rich beyond my wildest dreams, I decided to visit the library and borrow ProBlogger by Darren Rowse. I had no idea what I may write about but with a long-standing interest in health and nutrition, coupled with eternal optimism (or over-confidence?!), something in that field seemed as good an idea as any.

I’m a big fan of visiting the library; I enjoy the history and quaintness associated with it. To me, although I can appreciate the benefits of owning a kindle or other such device, it feels more wholesome, real and ultimately more enjoyable to read an actual book. However, alas, I too have to admit that the selection of books at the library can sometimes be a bit circa 1987 and ProBlogger sadly wasn’t available.

Earlier that morning, I had decided that Darren and his book were the answer to my career prayers and going home without it simply wasn’t an option! So, onwards I went to my local Waterstones to continue my search for the holy-grail… again no ProBlogger! I selected a couple of books with appealing titles from the business section, ordered a coffee and sat down to peruse. The books I selected (all of which are still on my list of books to read) were; Screw Work Let’s Play by John Williams, Niche by James Harkin, And What Do You Do? 10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career by Barrie Hopson and Katie Ledger and Brand You; Turn Your Unique Talents into a Winning Formula by John Purkiss and David Royston-Lee.

After some deliberation, the one which stood out and spoke to me the most was Screw Work Let’s Play by John Williams and the rest, as they say, is history…

I can’t remember exactly what it was which attracted me to this book and I’m going to try not to be too evangelical about it but there was a moment, when I was reading it, where I felt that I was meant to read this book!  Suddenly, my career to date felt less of a disappointment, I felt less of a failure and everything was progressing exactly as it should. My personal eureka moment happened when I realised that my chequered career history was actually my USP!

John, if you’re reading this, did you know I was going to read it? Did you write it specifically for me?

Screw work. Let’s play. Amen to that.