War & Peace…

This is a blog about creating a career. It would seem logical to begin that process with a run down of my career-to-date. So, the easiest way to do that without it turning into ‘War & Peace’ is to use my current CV.

I must point out, as with most CV’s, mine has been written with a specific job in mind. Instead of, as John Purkiss or David-Royston Lee might suggest, focusing on my unique talents.

The link at the end of this post will take you to a PDF of my Curriculum Vitae – the warts-and-all version! I haven’t altered it in any way, just uploaded the latest stored version on my computer. What it doesn’t include, rightly or wrongly and that’s up for debate, is unconnected part-time jobs, such as bar work or waitressing – something which I’ve done quite a lot of over the years. Not to mention, short spells as a Neals Yard Consultant, Pampered Chef, franchisee with Xfactordates.com (running speed dating and singles events) or being seconded by a client to manage their Loyalty Programme whilst the Channels Manager was off on maternity leave.

I really do think I could write a book of comparable length to War & Peace if I were to regale the stories related to each of these jobs; the office politics, the managing director having an affair with the receptionist (cliché I know), the breakdown in communication involving Facebook which led an employer to think I had committed suicide when in actual fact I had just gone for an interview with a competitor, the marketing director of a blue-chip company who ignored my out-stretched hand but shook the hand of the man standing next to me or the nervous singleton at a speed-dating event who walked straight into a glass window on arrival then carelessly set fire to his scorecard, during the event, by holding it too close to a candle. Ending with, my pièce de résistance – the Jerry Maguire-style letter left behind, when walking out of a job, for the boss who I believed was treating staff unjustly.

…now there’s an idea. It’s one idea anyway.

Without further a do, here it is. Prizes for anybody who manages to stay awake until the end.

Francesca’s CV