I am part of the revolution…

The Original iPhone (2007)

It was five years ago, in June 2007, when Apple first introduced the iPhone. However, up until earlier this week I was a conscientious objector. I re-buffed the whole phenomenon, branding it ‘techy’ and unnecessary and anybody who owned one as distinctly anti-social.

Now, what can I say, I can’t put the tremendous thing down!

In truth, this humble device is actually making me more of a social animal as my WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media accounts are now easily and readily at my fingertips. So, for that, I must be thankful.

For now, we’ll just ignore the fact that I no longer require any kind of human interaction because this device does it all and I’ll save my thoughts on people being in love with inanimate objects for another post.


Watch Steve Jobs announce the original iPhone

Image: Daily Mail